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100% Undetected Connection

While using our application, your connection is protected by our automatic proxy system which makes your real location encrypted and faked. Means if your real location is in New York, our app can make it shown like it's coming from Florida for example. (Or any other country, city etc.) You can set up everything inside settings options.

Safe browsing

About This App

WhatsApp Spy tool is created for all of you who wants to take control of yours or someones security inside this social network application. There are several ways in which our app can come very helpful. Main ones are listed below:
1. Employees monitoring – Some IT companies use WhatsApp as primary tool for communication between their members. Our software can get very useful when it comes to user tracking and providing safety for business, making environment more secured and professional.
2. Parental control – Nowadays when social media is so big we can freely call it “second world” it’s highly important for parents to secure their minor children online from pedophiles and many other cyber criminal which is rapidly growing every day.
3. Relationship security – Our program is highly used by people who wants to track their girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse/wife to see if they cheat on them. This app is just perfect for these needs. You have all options available to read messages with their contacts and stay fully undetected while hacking!

About Us

We are three programmers from Netherlands who're developing many similar projects like this one is. We do it as a hobby and as our contribution to the world because this is not our main work what we do for living. Apps like these we make for fun, and our main work is developing small business apps for IT companies, and sometimes we help build gaming mobile apps for some game developing companies. WhatsApp Hack was our big project we worked on hard for months. The most demanding part was searching for an exploit from their security protection what we've used to break inside WhatsApp's database with all of private information stored inside. After our first success, we patched this loophole so whenever any new updates comes our tool will always work properly.


If you need help regarding our tool or need to report some bug/problem do not hesitate to message us. Email us using the address below.